Thursday, April 9, 2015

SJ 24

LC 2246
Interim study on sexual assault
Diane Sands 


  1. Letterfrom Missoula County Crime Victim Advocate Program for testimony.

  2. Sent the following to Reps. Hill, McConnell and Person yesterday:

    Missoula County supports SJ 24 – Interim study on sexual assault – before House Judiciary tomorrow morning, and thanks Senator Sands for carrying the bill. SJ 24 would direct sufficient staff resources to examine sexual assault in Montana. In a state where sexually violent acts are too frequent and take place in a variety of circumstances and settings, having access to an in-depth report of sexual assault and its aftermath in Montana is vital to our responders. Holding sexual assault offenders accountable is critically important. These violent offenders create untold trauma in the lives of their victims. Rape is one of the most violent and damaging of crimes; one that can move from sexual assault to homicide in a matter of seconds. The intervention of law enforcement and the criminal justice system is sometimes the only life line a victim has. Our statutes and responses should protect the innocent and hold the perpetrators accountable. The proposed study would help responders and communities to develop the best policies and procedures we are capable of in response. Please support SJ 24.


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