Tuesday, December 23, 2014

HB 86

Geraldine Custer
Revising the date absentee ballots are available in certain elections


  1. Rebecca Connors on Jan. 21, 2015: "HB86 is a big one and would help our County a lot since we're a university town. It would allow us to get in all of the voter reg cards at the close of registration and ballots 5 days. This reduces the number of voided ballots due to address change being mailed out."

  2. The following message was sent to Rep. Bennett:

    Representative Bennett,
    Missoula County supports House Bill 86 - Revising the date absentee ballots are available in certain elections, before House State Administration tomorrow morning. HB 86 allows elections staff to take the short time they need to process new voter registration cards and update voter addresses in the state database before absentee ballots are mailed to voters. The provisions in this bill have no effect on late voter registration or on UOCAVA (overseas) voters. Please support HB 86 to ensure verification of voter information before absentee ballots are mailed.
    Vickie Zeier on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners and Missoula County Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors


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