Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HB 561

Debra Lamm

Prohibit election administrators from giving ballot before residency met

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  1. Rebecca Connors on Feb. 19, 2015:

    Missoula County opposes HB 561. Election Administrators ask Electors to affirm their voter eligibility when registering to vote. Voters must swear and affirm that they are a citizen of the US, of voting age (18 years old), and a Montana resident at least 30 days before the election. The elector provides a signature affirming the information they provide is true, and if false, the individual is subject to federal and state law. This bill asks election administrators to police one of the eligibility requirements, but not all. It also does not clarify eligibility or residence requirements for election administrator's to enforce. Finally, "challenges" (MCA 13-13-301) allows an elector to challenge another's right to vote based on their eligibility. 13-13-301 Fills the role of having Election Administrators police individual's right to vote, allowing E.A.'s to focus on the success of their office.


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