Thursday, February 5, 2015

HB 380

Mike Miller

Revise laws related to subdivisions and recreational camping vehicles

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  1. Sending to Representatives McConnell, Wilson, Steenberg
    Missoula County opposes House Bill 380 - An act revising subdivision review requirements for mobile homes and recreational camping vehicles, before House Local Government this afternoon. HB 380 would limit local government's ability to address public health and safety and long range community planning. Local government will be unable to determine impacts of the large recreational vehicle (RV) parks through subdivision review when the number of spaces is less than 20. This limitation can result in the development of several such parks in close proximity to one another without review of the development's impacts on traffic, public safety, parks, wildlife, agricultural operators, and other values of great importance to the public. Please oppose HB 380.

    Vickie Zeier on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners


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