Thursday, January 29, 2015

HB 332

Nicholas Schwaderer
Revise laws related to mental illness precommitment costs

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  1. Sent to Rep. Hill:

    Representative Hill,
    Missoula County opposes House Bill 332 - Revise laws related to mental illness precommitment costs, in House Human Services this afternoon. Missoula County provides services to residents of not only Missoula County but surrounding counties as well. These services assist neighboring counties in the filing of emergency commitments. HB 332 would shift the costs of emergency mental health commitments to counties where the filing occurred, resulting in counties not cooperating or collaborating to ensure the best outcome for the patient. Current law allows any county attorney's office to file commitment paperwork. HB 332 would require it be the county of residence, resulting in delays in service for these critical patients. Please oppose HB 332.
    Vickie Zeier on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners


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