Monday, January 26, 2015

SB 205

Robyn Driscoll

Provide for the Hire Montana First Act

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  1. Greg Robertson on Feb. 5, 2015:

    "SB 205 has the effect of increasing the administrative burden and cost of a public works project. It will require documentation and monitoring of every contracted employee full time or temporary to assure compliance with the provisions of this bill. I think it would be difficult to enforce. Many workers are only temporary meaning they are their short term. Many will come from specialty companies out of state. How do we monitor them? How does the 75% pertain to them?

    Levying liquidated damages as would also be difficult to enforce and would likely be a source of litigation.

    The bill does not define "bona fide" Montana resident." Nor does it specify what documentation is required contractually to continually monitor and enforce these provisions.

    I am not opposed to employing Montana residents on public works projects, but this bill is overly burdensome and will likely cost more to implement then the benefits the bill provides."


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