Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HB 158

Margaret (Margie) MacDonald
Revise and modernize immunization laws related to schools


  1. Ellen Leahy on Feb. 24, 2015:

    HB 158 required school immunizations. Personal exemption amendment removed in Senate. Missoula County supports bill as is and will watch it as it goes back to House to make sure personal exemptions are not reintroduced and that the bill passes. Some confusion may exist in that some might think that removing the personal exemption also removed the medical and religious exemptions. It did not. The medical and religious exemptions remain in existing law.

  2. Sent to Missoula Reps:

    Representative ,
    Missoula County supports HB 158 with only the current amendments - Revise and modernize immunization laws related to schools – on the House floor this afternoon. HB 158 adds two important immunizations (whooping cough and chicken pox) to those required for school. Montana is among the last states to add these immunizations and has suffered one of the highest rates of whooping cough outbreaks. Please do not allow the personal exemptions amendment back into the bill. Montana law already provides for medical and religious exemptions. Please support HB 158 with only the current amendments.
    Vickie Zeier on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners


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