Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HB 247

Geraldine Custer

Revise when ballots may be prepared for counting


  1. Rebecca Connors on Jan. 27, 2015: High support. Missoula County starts all early preparation of ballots on the Monday before the election at 1pm and wraps at 7-8pm. Early prep is wonderful in that it saves us 6 to 7 hours of production time on Election Day, but also competes with preparation and solidification of details before the big event. Early Prep is a tedious, detailed process that requires 36 to 40 or our election judges and staff. As my office and I juggle this enormous task, we're also trying to coordinate last minute details in preparation of election day, working with staff on printing supplemental registers, trying to fill last minute cancellations of election day workers, coordination of election day deliveries & supplies with polling place managers and election sites, and last minute interviews with the press. Working a 12-14 hour day before what usually is a 24hr+ shift depletes from my Election Day energy, for not only myself, but the 40 some staff that also are reporting to work the next day, too. By moving the early prep time to several days before ensures that I can focus on those important last minute details and planning, but still allows our office to be caught up on production on Election Day.

  2. Sent to Representative Bennett:

    Missoula County strongly supports House Bill 247 - Revise when ballots may be prepared for counting, before House State Administration tomorrow morning. Missoula County starts early preparation of ballots the day before election day at 1 p.m. and concludes around 8 p.m. Early preparation saves elections staff 7 hours of production time on election day, but competes with important preparation required before that day starts. Early preparation is a detailed process that requires at least 36 election judges and staff. But while the elections administrator juggles this effort, she must also coordinate printing of supplemental registers, fill last minute cancellations, coordinate deliveries and conduct last minute media interviews. Each of these tasks is as important as the other. Moving early preparation to several days before ensures staff can focus on those tasks more efficiently and reserve critical energy and focus for election day. Please support HB 247.
    Vickie Zeier on behalf of the Missoula County Commissioners


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