Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HB 5

Jeffrey W. Welborn
Provide for infrastructure development

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  1. Comment from Kali Becher:

    Missoula County's Martina Creek and Ninemile Creek Mine Reclamation project (ranked #5) is part of a larger and ongoing effort to address impacts from historic mining in the Ninemile watershed. Previous Reclamation and Development Grants awarded to Missoula County have been crucial to the comprehensive mine reclamation and stream restoration effort in the Ninemile watershed, which Missoula County has partnered with Trout Unilmited and the Lolo National Forest to undertake. The completed projects as well as this proposed project address a number of problems caused by historic mining in the area. This project is expected to improve public safety, water quality, fisheries, and riparian wildlife habitat. In addition, these projects provide local and regional economic benefits through employing private sector restoration contractors.

    Martina Creek Testimony Draft

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