Friday, January 2, 2015

SB 77

Debby Barrett
Revise laws related to board of medical examiners

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  1. The prior Board of Medical Examiners rules regarding resident licensure predated the actual existence of any residencies in the state and were directed at residents coming from other states to do rotations.

    PHC hosts the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana through a cooperative agreement with the University of Montana. It is currently in the second year of existence as a program.

    This bill provides licensure in the second year of residency which grants appropriate increased autonomy for residents. A secondary benefit to that autonomy is the 2nd year resident could order certain procedures, such as X-rays, without utilizing a nurse as a go-between. In all, this would increase the effectiveness and efficiency for residents in Montana.

    This bill was put forth with support from the three major residency programs in Montana, including the FMRWM of UM.



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